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For Business Ethics PART I: This is a text which sets out to be unlike other business ethics texts. It succeeds admirably. The title – which is self-consciously discussed at the outset to the book – refers to a concern that most business ethics literature actually fails to thoroughly address either business or ethics. Consequently, business ethics is of no serious use to either business or to ethics in its present state. Why is this? What (if anything) can be done about this? This is the departure point for the monograph whose motivation is expressed early on: We suggest that the ways that we live and the choices that we make involve major ethical decisions, even if these concerns are largely ignored by the business ethics literature. Indeed, the narrowness of business ethics suggests something quite sinister about the ethics of the business ethics literature. Why are certain topics considered to be common sense? What is it that business ethics is leaving in the shadows? (p. 5) This intellectually aggressive approach is married to, what I saw as, three further key, even idiosyncratic, characteristics. First, the text is written in a direct, personal and engaging style. The authors express a dislike of textbooks and clearly want to hold a conversation with their readers. Second, the text, although always accessible and ultimately practical, is intensely scholarly. The depth and clarity with which it examines and interprets a wide range of writings, from philosophy to marketing, from psychology to economics is breathtaking, exciting and very stimulating. Of equal relevance here, the authors make a very explicit virtue of exploring both recent and not-so-recent moral philosophy: Kant, for example, is, as might be expected, all carefully re-examined. But equally Marx feature strongly and all are subject to more recent analyses from the literature. Finally, the

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