Footwear International Case Report

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Footwear International case report The purpose of this report is to analyze the situation facing Footwear using a stakeholder analysis. In the following sections, the report will be developed in order of case background, incident analysis and recommendations. Case background Footwear International is a transnational company focusing on footwear production and marketing. It owns over eighty-three companies in seventy countries with its headquarter acting as a service center. In addition to standardization in technology and design of facilities, Footwear also promotes a high degree of autonomous operation in every company. Besides, adopting a concept of partnership at the local level has made Footwear an internationally welcome company. Bangladesh is one of the most impoverished countries with highest population density in the world. Among all the citizens in Bangladesh, 85 percent are Muslim, which identified Islam as the official state religion in 1988. However, Bangladesh also had a tortuous history. Most of the nation was the colony of the Britain until 1947, in which year the government transitioned from British-ruled to a province of Pakistan. Though they then had independence, people in the East felt disconnected and underrepresented in government. In the early 1970’s, with the assistance of India, they became independent and establish the country known as Bangladesh. Nevertheless, the country remains politically volatile with many political groups fighting for power to overthrow leadership. Incident analysis Interest Group 1: Political Groups including a. The Government - victim b. Opposition Political Parties – schemer and gainer Starting on Thursday, June 22, 1989, the incident happened when John Carlson was shown a copy of that day’s Meillat, a well-known opposition newspaper with pro-Libyan leaning. The story, titled “Footwear’s

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