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“David danced before the Lord with all his might… leaping and dancing before the Lord.” Ren McCormack used this quote from the bible to help convince Reverend Shaw Moore, that dancing should not be band in the town of Bomont. This quote was a focal point in both the original movie Footloose (1984), as well as the remake (2011). The original Footloose and the remake are similar in plot line, characters, and songs, but they differ in music genre and dancing style. The remake is better because it provokes and is more appealing to the modern generation. Firstly, the plot line of Footloose is very similar in both the original and the remake. In both, Ren is a rebellious big-city kid who moves to a town called Bomont, which has banned dancing. Throughout the movie, he fights the system in order to allow a school to have their prom, which will include dancing. Along the way, he must win the heart of the minister’s daughter Ariel, and win over the minister himself. There for as, the original and remake, as one can imagine, do vary in plot a little. While Kevin Bacon, as Ren, shows more compassion and is a tad bit on the more serious side, Kenny Wormald’s version of Ren has a more happy-go-lucky, carefree feel to him. In 1984, Lori Singer showed us that Ariel was a “bad girl” by standing between two moving vehicles. By contrast, Julianne Hough reveals her daddy issues by hooking up with a local racecar driver and playing chicken with a train. Julianne Hough’s version or Ariel is definitely more practical and, lets be honest… Julianne is gorgeous! Furthermore, another similarity that the two movies have is the music choice. Obviously, a dancing movie has to have music that one can get down, or boogie, to, and Footloose has just that. The original is known for having an amazing soundtrack and redefined movie sound tracks in the 80’s. Playing off of the influence that the

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