Footed Farret Essay

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[pic] I did my Radical Research the Black Footed Ferret. I picked to do my radical research on this animal because I have always wanted a ferret as a pet and I wanted to research them some more. The black footed ferret is endangered and is very close to being extinct. This is what I learned on doing this radical research. The black footed ferret is a member of the weasel family and is also related to prairie dogs. It is the only ferret that is native to North America. It has a tan colored body with black feet (hints the name Black Footed Ferret) It also has a black mask and a black tip on its tail. It has short legs and long claws for digging. The black footed ferret numbered in the 10.000 but as of now there are only 18 left and 16 of them are in captivity. Black ferrets spend most of their time (90%) underground which is where they live. They are endangered because they were struck with the sylvatic plague which is a disease that makes the animal very sick and leads to death. Scientists are still doing research on this disease. I learned a lot about the black footed ferret and I hope that people will save the 18 left. I think that we should help give money to the shelter that the ferrets are staying at right now (wildlife center in Kansas). We can also not harm the environment with pollution so that these diseases won’t even start. By: Dominique Sylvestri Period:

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