Football Is A Team Game

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Many people do not understand the game of football. Many consider football a ruthless sport; full of half-brained players just trying to inflict as much pain on someone as legally as allowed. But football is so much more than most of these preconceived notions. Football is about timing, skill, discipline and perseverance. Winning is a football game is the combined efforts of the offensive, defensive and special teams. All three teams have to be near flawless for a team to overcome adversities and become a dominant team. The first of the three teams is one that is overlooked all too often. Just the name alone says a great deal about their job; the special teams. This team sets out each game, not looking for recognition but just wanting to do their job as well as they can. The specials team’s sole purpose is to create and maintain good field position to set up a scoring drive for the offense. They are called upon time and time again to return punts from the end zone, block an extra point kick or recover an onside kick to save the game. While you never see their names on the front page of the Sunday paper, they are always there doing their job and trying their best to execute to perfection. Many people hear about how “the battle is won and lost in the trenches,” but few know exactly what that means and who the phrase applies to; yet when attending a football game those same people always seem to find themselves chanting “D-E-F-E-N-S-E, D-E-F-E-N-S-E.” The defensive team is another one of the key components of the football team; they to, like special teams, focus most of their efforts on maintaining field position to set up another offensive scoring drive. The defense sets out each game with the same common goal; to strike fear in the opposing offense, not wanting to allow them any breathing room and always trying to force an offensive mistake. Defenses work fast,

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