Football Tackling Essay

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SPHE 324 ANALYZING PROPER TACKLING FORM PATRICK MAZZOCCO Biomechanical analysis is crucial to coaches and sports performance professionals. In order to better coach a movement it is required that we must understand the proper principles of the given movement. This illustrates further the fact that you do not have to be a great athlete to be a great coach. Many of the greatest coaches were not the best athletes in their given sport but they were some of the best teachers and thinkers in their sport and could convey the principles needed to their athletes in a proper, accurate and concise manner that was able to be understood and carried out by their athletes. By looking at different cues and concepts the coach is able to pick up the faults of the athlete and transform them into strong attributes thus making that athlete the most efficient as possible. One of the most fundamentally profound coaches of athletics was Vince Lombardi who spent endless hours teaching tackling and blocking two of the most needed and important aspects of football. It is with great regard for this man that this paper will tackle one of those fundamental aspects of football, the proper tackling form. Tackling is an art form when performed and coached properly. It is often the most neglected aspect of the football fundamentals as seen by the dismal display put on in the NFL and College. This fundamental should be taught correctly in the little leagues and Pop Warner levels but is often taught incorrectly. Recently in the NFL and all levels for that matter, tackling has risen to the forefront of discussion because of safety. It is because of this reason that the movement should be taught correctly not only for the tackler’s safety but for the safety of the ball carrier as well. To properly analyze this movement I went to semi-pro football teams practice in Bradenton, FL. I watched
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