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Concussions in Football You may begin to wonder what causes a concussion in so many teenagers and middle aged adults, sports are the number one cause to many incidents such as this one. Concussions happen on a weekly basis to NFL football players of all positions due to the tremendous force these players encounter and they need to be noted more carefully. The short term and long term effects of concussions can be very disastrous to the human comprehension. Not only does the brain endure long term damage, but the players can slowly engage mental problems too. The question that most of us jump to would be, what is the society doing about this very problem? Exceptionally very little at the most. Before I begin to go into detail about concussions, I will inform you of what they are first. A concussion is the most common traumatic brain injury. A concussion causes a lot of mental function. It can be caused by acceleration or deceleration forces at impact. Weather a player is hit by helmet to helmet, a face mask, or just a blow to his head can cause a serious injury. Concussions didn’t begin to be taken very seriously until it hit the 20th century. For instance if a player said he was alright to go back onto the field after he was examined by the doctor and told he had a head injury, the doctor would often let him. Lately the NFL has been doing research on players who had their career ended by concussions such as Troy Aikman and Steve Young. As of 1994 the NFL has taken more interest in learning about concussions and the long lasting effects it has taken on so many players. The most common head injury from concussions is TBI, this is a neurological disorder which causes sudden loss of consciousness with the human body, dropping towards the ground making the person to appear be dead. Usually this unconsciousness state lasts up to one to three

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