Football Coaches Research Paper

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Todi Oyewole Mrs Rohrer English 101 November 20, 2012 Coaching When people watch sports they tend to look past a person who is very important to every team, the coach. Most kids watch football, soccer, or basketball games and get motivated to be athletes but nobody talks about being a coach. Some aspects of a coaching career that might interest people are the pay, the recognition it brings, and the experience and skills needed to be a coach. “The starting pay for a soccer coach is between one and three million dollars” (Thyberg). Although this might not be as much as a player it is more than enough, to support a family and live a good life. Something else about being a soccer coach that might interest people is the career length of a soccer coach. “A soccer coach’s career usually last between fifteen and twenty years” ( In addition to the high pay and long career of a soccer coach something else that makes it a lucrative job is the pay bonuses the coaches get for wins, and special tournaments. “Over 208 countries in the world play soccer” (…show more content…
The average length of a football coach’s career is from fifteen to twenty years (Mckay).In an article by Evan Sporer of sportsgrid the 12 most watched sporting events were football games, the popularity of this sport is another factor that makes being a football coach a lucrative and reputable job. Football teams usually have more than one coach, for the different aspects of the sport for example, each team has: an offensive coach, defensive coach, special teams coach and then a head coach. People are usually discouraged because they are knowledgeable at only one aspect of the game, but if pursuing a career as a football coach you get a chance to show whatever your specialty is. This shows that job opportunities are high is this
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