Football Coach Salary Rhetorical Analysis

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Football Coach Salaries: Rhetorical Analysis In the excerpt: “Football Coach Salaries”, from an annual report called: “Where are the Priorities: The Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, 2007-08,” written by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) the author compares the salary of football coaches to the salary of academic professors in order to shed light on the true priorities of universities. AAUP is a group focused on promoting security of those in higher education such as: professors, graduate students, and faculty. In this excerpt the thesis is presented at the end on the first paragraph: “Ostensibly the first priority of the universities… is higher education…the growing financial resources these…show more content…
Pathos is the use of appealing to the audience’s emotion. In “Football Coach Salaries” the author tries to persuade the audience, emotionally, when the author uses the term “taxpayers.” It is first seen when they state: “… most of the universities in Division I-A football are public and thus subsidized by taxpayers…” and again in the last sentence: “And it is thus the academic program and the faculty in which taxpayers and alumni and other donors should be investing.” This appeals to the audience emotionally because almost all workers are taxpayers, therefore, the audience starts to wonder where their money is actually going…show more content…
In “Football Coach Salaries” the author questions the priorities of universities with Division I-A football. He questions this with the claim that the football coaches of these teams gets paid much higher in salaries than the professors. The AAUP were able to support this claim through supporting evidence from data including field research. Along with the evidence, the AAUP were perceived to be a very credible organization because they provided different points of views, such as a statement from a coach of Louisiana State University, in which they were able to show was false with rebuttals. Although they did try to use emotional appeal through certain words like “taxpayers”, it was very

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