Football Clubs in English Premier League Essay

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What is Derby Match? In terms of soccer, derby match means a sporting fixture between two local rivals. It is often called “crosstown rivalry” in North America. Anyway, as the original country of soccer refers to it as “derby match, most people in the world use the term “derby match” instead of “crosstown rivalry.” General Marketing Strategy Many companies invest on football clubs in order to make profits. Like many profit making companies does, in order to make profits, football clubs advertise in various ways. But in most cases, just like this, through their own websites they advertise their matches, commodities and other additional profit making items. (webside of Manchester United Football Club) Derby Matches Worldwide In this part, let me just list few of them, for listing all of them would be space wasting or worthless to know of. Korea - Seoul National Capital Area Derby - FC Seoul v Suwon Samsung Bluewings - Football - Honam Derby - Chunnam Dragons v Jeonbuk FC - Football - Ulsan Derby - Ulsan v Ulsan Hyundai Mipo Dockyard - Football (FA Cup) - Industrial Derby - Ulsan v Pohang Steelers - Football - Gyeongin Derby - FC Seoul V Incheon United - Football Spain - El Clásico - Real Madrid v Barcelona - football - Andalusian Derby - Sevilla FC v Real Betis - Catalunya Derby - Barcelona v Español Although there are much more derby matches, again, I believe listing all of them would be wasting of my space limit. So I only mentioned those in South Korea, as it is my mother nation, and Spain, for its league is one of world's 4 largest leagues. Derby Matches in England Likewise, let me name just few of derby matches within England, because listing all of them would be too much, for football clubs there call their matches derby matches themselves even in the 4th division of the English League!(although they

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