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The American Dental Association Martin Stephens University Of Phoenix Abstract Iam writing this paper to inform people of the American Dental Association. Iam going to describe briefly and explain how the American Dental Association can contribute toward increasing my professional knowledge and abilities. I will also discuss how this knowledge and these abilities can affect my career success. The American Dental Association This paper will speak of the historic and the present works of the American Dental Association. The ADA (2005) stated that The American Dental Association “was founded in Niagara Falls, New York in August of the year 1859 by 26 dentists standing for multiple dental organizations in the U.S.” Since that time The ADA has gained more than 156,000 dentist employees, and has the major dental organization in 53 states and 545 local dental organizations. According to ADA (2005) the American Dental Association is also the biggest and longest running dental organization in the world. In its offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C. this organization has more than 400 members on board. The current president, Dr. Ronald L. Tankersley, raised in Newport News, Va, and elected in October 2008. The current vice president Dr. Thomas E. Sullivan has vowed to work nonstop for the membership. The American Dental Association has been around for more than 149 years. The very first president Dr. William Henry Atkinson was born in 1815 and died in 1891. He studied to be a physician, but at that time for a young man the dental organization offered more opportunities. The association began in 1859, since then there has been more than 140 presidents. According to ADA/history (2005) each president stood for some of the best in the dentistry field. Two of the commonly known presidents are Dr’s G. V. Black and Thomas Hinman. According to

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