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The average Canadian’s ecological foot print is 89.25 global hectares (Gh) and the number of Earths needed to support us, given this impact, is just over five and a half. Initially, I was happy when I only I scored 62.65Gh on my footprint quiz, but I was shocked to see that in order to sustain myself and others with a similar footprint, we would still need four earths. According to my quiz results the most significant footprint I leave is my food footprint which is 40.27Gh, where the country average is 23.67Gh. What I need to do to reduce my food footprint is purchase much more of it from farmers markets and natural food stores and try to eat less meat. Society wants things to be done fast, and as such there is a very high demand on food and most people, myself included, can not be bothered or do not have the time to shop around town for food that is manufactured in an eco-friendly way. It is much faster for me to buy my food from the supermarket. But by shopping at supermarkets I am supporting the non-ecological methods for farming cattle in order to supply such an incredibly high demand. On the farm pesticides are used and at the slaughterhouse and in some cases the meat is treated with ammonia. The industry I will be working in is the field of prosthetics and orthotics which uses a wide array of plastic and synthetic materials, leather, and assorted chemicals in the fabrication of artificial devices or limbs. Materials like canvas, cowhide, horsehide, pig skin, high/low density polyethylene, and epoxies resin are only a small fraction of the components used in my field. Unfortunately, my chosen profession has a horrible impact on the environment due to all of the waste that is produced, and from the different methods that are used to make the different material. In particular, chrome tanning leather is extremely bad for the environment. In one day of

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