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Foot Locker, Inc. By: Richard Murtha A. Introduction * CEO: Ken Hicks | Main location: United States | * Location: Midtown Manhattan, New York City | Audit Committee: Jarobin Gilbert Jr., David Schwartz, Nicholas Dipaolo, Matthew McKenna, Guillermo Marmol | End Fiscal Date: January 28, 2012 | Company Stock & Share: 3,271,041, $30.01; 10:56 PM ET | Product: Athletic Footwear | common shares of stock authorized & outstanding: 1,953,410;151,895,000 | Industry Situation and Company Plans Foot Locker, Inc. received strong 2011 results, according to Mr. Hicks. They already operate in nearly 3,400 retailer stores in 23 different countries across the globe. Some places include the likes of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Foot Locker is on the 2nd year of their self-proclaimed 5 year plan of becoming the global leader of retail in athletic wear. They received 5.6 billion dollars in sales last year along with an improvement from $333 of sales per square foot to $406. Since Foot Locker has already achieved several of their financial goals in the five year plan, they have implanted new strategic priorities. They include:  Create a clear customer focus to drive performance in its core athletic banners  Make its stores and internet sites more exciting, relevant places to shop  Deliver exceptional growth in high-potential business segments  Aggressively pursue brand expansion opportunities  Increase the productivity of all of its assets  Build on its Industry Leading Retail Team The company also made financial objectives for the updated 5 year plan: * Sales of $7.5 billion * Sales per Gross Square Foot of $500 * EBIT Margin of 11 percent * Net Income Margin of 7 percent * Return on Invested Capital of 14 percent * Inventory Turnover of 3+ times According to Mr. Hicks, they have put

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