Fooled by Food Essay

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FOOLED BY FOOD A global trend has arisen, that is leaning society towards a sustainably developed planet. In most respects sustainable development has proved itself to be great. Its premise is to promote environmental health, individual health, conscientious design and holistic development. The problem however lies in the fact that this “sustainability” trend has gotten far out of hand, its message has been lost and hence it is not longer a “solution” but a simple excuse. This current trend is apparent in the to “green-washed” areas seen in many cities around the world. For example slapping on a solar panel on a skyscraper is often viewed as sustainable architecture. This is hardly the case; a piece of architecture must be a holistic in its approach to sustainability, in order to be considered a sustainable design. It must encompass and promote a more synergistic understanding of the locations environmental, social, cultural and economic values. Food has also been approached in this very manner. Slapping on a few attractive labels and shinny logos that read “whole”, “organic”, “local” and/or “certified” the product is deemed sustainable. The contents however remain a mystery. The last several decades have been spent heavily dedicated to finding methods to tackle the complex nature of our current food system. A sustainable food system in one where more locally based, self-reliant food economies can exist. This includes that the production, processing, distribution and consumption of food is integrated into a community in order to enhance the economic, environment and social health of that particular area. Current food systems have shown a growing inclination towards global assimilation and environmental degradation in order to achieve economic strengthening. However, recent up stir about globalization, sustainability and climate change have triggered a

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