Foods That Help in Losing Weight Essay

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10 foods that help you in losing weight Trying to lose weight and have started dieting , then there are few things which you need to know before you stop eating some healthy foods there are generally myths regarding dieting which we follow blindly without cross checking them , like eating potatoes will make us fat or eating eggs will lead to weight gain . But before you start shunning few foods please read this article thoroughly so that you do not miss upon few foods which help you in losing weight you might stop consuming them, just thinking that they are weight adders .Without realising the fact that some foods which we consider as full of fat and calories are rather helpers in losing weight. So let us check out few of them, so that next time when we go for weight loss program we can add them to our diet chart. Bake your potatoes You will be shocked to know that now when you start dieting you can eat potatoes. It is just that you can eat them in baked or boiled form. They are great food for healthy and low fat diet, but ditch the accompaniments like sauces or mayonnaise along with the baked potatoes. You can prepare a yummy dish by mashing the boiled potatoes, add some pepper and a dash of lime to it and then eat it. Boiled potatoes when reach intestine they soak water and expand thus convert into resistant starch. This resistant starch acts as a dietary fibre in the large intestine and helps in killing the appetite. Indulge in chocolates You will think that it’s really mad to eat chocolates when you are working on losing weight, but eating occasionally chocolate will avoid heavy binging on them when you get to eat chocolates .Say a 20 grams small bar of chocolate is enough to satisfy the sweet tooth carvings which you might get during dieting. This will not make you feel starved at the sight of chocolates and once in a while eating will help in losing

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