Food Web Diagram

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Food Web Diagram Joe Almonti Introduction to Life Science Duyen Nguyen October 26, 2012 [pic] The sun is the primary and originating source of any ecosystem and this is no different in the temperate broadleaf forests that cover my home state of Pennsylvania. While today many of the native forests have been cleared for either agricultural or other developmental needs, there are a few spots of the state that remain in tact as nature created them. The rays from the Sun provide essential energy for plant-life to create its own food through photosynthesis, which essentially starts any food chain or food web. Trees are not the only form of plant-life in Pennsylvania; there are also different forms of grasses and shrubs that…show more content…
Unfortunately many of these predators are rare or absent altogether in Pennsylvania and can only be seen in areas least affected by human development. Animals such as the lynx and eagle have not been able to sustain life in the redeveloped landscape that has become Pennsylvania. As this country was colonized by European nations and their animals were introduced into the native ecosystem of our land it disrupted the balance and drove off these species. Humans have become the top of the food chain now and has changed the nature flow of energy somewhat to suit our needs. The effects of human development have polluted the waterways of the state as well, making it difficult for native fish to survive long enough to breed. Pictured at the end of the document is a model of the food chain in the rivers and lakes of…show more content…
These organisms get their energy by processing dead organisms and releasing nutrients back into the environment. For the most part these are organisms that are microscopic fungi or bacteria, but there are some decomposer that can be seen with the naked eye including certain types of crabs and earthworms (Sundareshwar, n.d.). Earthworms are the most common form of a decomposer than I can find in my region; sometimes they even can be seen on a sidewalk or street during a rain shower. The importance in the existence of decomposers may not be visually appealing to most individuals, but if there were nothing to consume the dead debris on this planet it would be covered with decaying matter. According to Sundareshwar (n.d.) “The breakdown of organic matter and conversion of organically bound nutrients into basic inorganic forms is called mineralization.” Mineralization then is beneficial to plant-life and helps to continue the flow of energy among organisms in an

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