Food Wastage Essay

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Good morning/afternoon teachers and friends. Today I am going to talk about food wastage. . We are struggling to feed the 7 billion people in the world not because we are not producing enough food, but because there is too much food in some places and too little in others. In Fact, the world wastes about two billion tonnes of food in a year. That is about half the amount of food we produce annually! Nowadays, many people are wasting food because we buy and take more food than we need and we are often not able to finish the food. Improper storage or handling of food also leads to food wastage. When I went to a buffet recently, I was quite shocked when I saw the amount of food thrown away. The all-you-can-eat concept see customers take more food than they can finish and some customers find it embarrassing to take- away the leftover food as the practice is seen to go against social norms. Food is not just wasted by consumers; it is wasted by food retailers as well. Studies show that about 10% of the fruits and vegetables produced are being thrown away because they look ugly, damaged or less than perfect, even though they are perfectly fine to consume. Not only is wasting food a waste of money, it also harms the environment. The production of food along the supply chain uses about one quarter of all habitable land and often requires large inputs of fresh water, energy, labor and fertilizers. Every time food is lost or wasted along the production and consumption system, other valuable resources are also wasted. In conclusion, I feel that we should not waste food as we are wasting precious resources which many people do not have access to. Even though some food waste is inevitable, we can all do our part to try to minimize food wastage. So next time, when life gives you lemons, take it, don’t waste

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