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The case study Food Terminal (A) provides a scenario of Mike Bellafacia, a 23 year old recently appointed senior manager at Foodco Ltd. newest grocery store (Food Terminal). A business school graduate and son of Foodco‘s president, Mike was knowledgeable about the store’s operations both historically and through business analysis he performed as study projects. Upon arriving to his new role, Mike was already aware that he would need to improve Food Terminal’s financial performance and employee morale or be faced with serious consequences for both the store and Foodco. Mike was also aware that he lacked some basic operational skills that would allow him to relate to his employees as well as leadership competencies that would allow him to implement plans to turn the struggling store around. The following analysis will outline the major issues and leadership competencies that Mike should develop. Also provided is an action plan utilizing specific leadership competencies and skills to turn the store around. When Mike arrived he encountered many issues. The first was his unexpected appointment to the role. It was Mike’s plan to work in some of the various departments and learn more about the day to day operations before taking on senior management. In addition he admitted to not having skills in leading job execution, “it [business school] didn’t teach me how to get the job done or the execution of a decision” (Rowe & Guerrero, 2011). This lack of leadership would prove to be critical in managing his new employees, as he would need interpersonal techniques to gain the trust of other managers who wanted his job and felt his success was a bi-product of nepotism. His lack of leadership would also affect his ability to bring positive change to the culture of the organization as a whole. Though Mike was aware that the store was failing to meet financial goals, upon

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