Food Stamps and Fast Food Essay

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Ary Blackmon 7 May 2015 English 102 Professor Bourg Food Stamps and Fast Food It could be argued that fast food is one of the most convenient inventions of the past century. With this being said, some believe that people with government assistance like SNAP should be able to purchase fast food. Although allowing this would make life more convenient for those who are receiving this assistance, it would not be beneficial for the overall health of the country. Yes fast food tastes great, but in a country where one-third of adolescents are obese, should that matter? Keep in mind the true purpose of government assistance: to help/assist. Our main thoughts should be, “Are we helping?” or “Are we hurting?” Government assistance is funded by hardworking tax payers; most of who do not receive any type of assistance. How would these people feel knowing that their hard earned money was paying for Big Macs? Yes, fast food is convenient but at the end of the month it is sure to cost more than a weekly/monthly trip to the grocery store. Allowing food stamps to purchase fast food is not an effective decision simply because it is unhealthy. Jay Zagorsky claims “the average person receiving food stamps has a body mass index of 1.15 points higher than non-receiver” (14). Those receiving food stamps make up a majority of impoverished people which put them at risk for poorer health. “It makes no sense to use government funds to purchase foods that contribute to disease and increased health care cost,” states Dr. Michelle Gourdine, of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She goes on by saying “Food stamps should pay for food that maintain good health and fight disease” (36). Fast food is something that most Americans try to keep out of their diets; those who keep fast food away tend to have healthier lives, and those who do not tend to be unhealthy and at risk for many

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