Food Service Competency Standards Essay

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PART I. INTRODUCTIONS INTRODUCE yourself and your co-trainer to the class. ASK each participant to introduce him/herself and the office they work in. OUR EXPECTATIONS ASK the class to discuss at their tables how AS CUSTOMERS they expect to be treated when they are customers (e.g., restaurant/fast food chain). WHAT CUSTOMERS WANT REVIEW Customers’ Ranking of Service Skills. Note that BDT clients, like all customers, will be delighted if BDT service providers demonstrate these skills. 1. Is Prepared 2. Makes Customers Feel Important 3. Listens and Responds to Customer Feelings 4. Meets or Exceeds Customer Needs 5. Follows Through 6. Makes Sure Customer is Satisfied 7. Acknowledges the Customer 8. Clarifies Details 9. Asks for Ideas and Offers Suggestions SERVICE RECOVERY SAY “Even if we work hard to demonstrate these desired service skills, we sometimes make mistakes and create an inconvenience for our clients. Not all is lost, however, when we do this, as the way we “recover” or remedy the situation can make the difference between a highly dissatisfied and a satisfied client. What clients are looking for once we’ve created a problem for them. 1. Dealt With My Being Upset. 2. Apologized. 3. Didn’t Become Defensive. 4. Showed Humility and Poise. 5. Followed Up After Complaint. 6. Showed Skill at Problem Solving. 7. Proactive in Admitting Organization’s Error.

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