Food Safety On Transporters Essay

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ABSTRACT Expectations all over the world today is: “That safe and wholesome food is an essential aspect of our world market and a high level of protection for human life , health should be assured, if food and feed safety requirements are guaranteed”. In this research the process of the quality and the logistical process will be investigated pertaining to maize exports from South Africa. It aims to explore risks pertaining to traceability and logistical management of export maize and its conformance to the different food safety standards that is implemented. The problem statement for this study is that the lack of safety concern and the in adequate quality management in the logistical process result in unsafe and poor quality standards in maize. The research question will be: Which food safety, management and traceability of maize export processes regarding logistics is not up to world standard? The researcher wants to establish if there is a process that would improve the food safety of maize from production to port of export. This research aims to access and test the effectiveness of the current food safety system in South Africa, and identify specific needs and gaps within the current system as well as providing recommendations on the specific food safety changes pertaining to the maize export industry. The potential benefits of this research will be that best practises with maize exports are followed. The data collected will serve to test and compare which is stated, against that logistical processes are being practised by the maize export industry in South

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