Food Safety Essay

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[pic] [pic][pic] Contents • Introduction • What is food safety? -Food safety policy -Essentials of food safety • Hygiene -Personal hygiene -Dress code -Good house keeping • Pest control • Microbiology • Food storage and reservation -Storage -Spoilage • Cross contamination • Cleaning and disinfection -disinfectants and detergents -bacteria -sanitiser • References Introduction The Food Standards Agency carries out a range of work to make sure food is safe to eat, including funding research on chemical, microbiological and radiological safety, as well as food hygiene and allergy. Persons carrying on a food business have legal, commercial and moral obligations to provide safe food under the requirement of food standards agency 2000. What is food safety? Food safety policy- (1) 1. Food premises must be kept clean and maintained in good repair and condition. 2. The layout, design, construction and size of food premises shall— (a) permit adequate cleaning and/or disinfection; (b) be such as to protect against the accumulation of dirt, contact with toxic materials, the shedding of particles into food and the formation of condensation or undesirable mould on surfaces; (c) permit good food hygiene practices, including protection against cross contamination between and during operations, by foodstuffs, equipment, materials, water, air supply or personnel and external sources of contamination such as pests; and (d) provide, where necessary, suitable temperature conditions for the hygienic processing and storage of products. 3. An adequate number of washbasins must be available, suitably located and designated for cleaning

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