Food Poisoning Essay

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My group is working on lowering the risk of food poisoning at hawker centers in Singapore. We have come out with a series of strategies but there are still areas for improvement in particularly two aspects; improving the collection of data and tackling the loopholes in the strategies. My group has interviewed Dr. Zakier Hussein, a registrar in Singapore General Hospital to understand more on symptoms of food poisoning and its causes. Although he has a vast knowledge on food poisoning issue, he has no direct experience in treating patient with food poisoning symptoms. To improve, we should interview a doctor that is specialized in this issue, for example, a general practitioner who treats victims of food poisoning. With his personal experience, the input from the interview can be more insightful and the interview will be more accurate. In one of our strategies, “OK-BOX”, food handlers are encouraged to measure their temperature daily to ensure that they are healthy when handling the food. However, we overlook the fact that food handlers might find it infuriating and refuse to adopt the practice every single time they report to work. Also, food consumers have a lack of information of what “OK-BOX” is all about. Consumers might not be aware of the purpose of I’m OK ID, a card that features the temperature of the food handlers to allow consumers to make a discerning choice. I suggest that an incentive is given to food handlers who have a complete record of using “OK-BOX”. The incentive can be given in the form of annual leaves of absence at work. For instance, with a complete record within one year, food handlers will earn annual leaves or even cash incentives. NEA will compare their records on the machine with their working schedule at the end of the year. The incentives will encourage them to maintain a good record, sustaining the usage of the machine in a

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