Food Labelling Laws Australia Essay

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Expository Writing That the Australian government should introduce stricter food labelling laws. I believe that food labelling laws in Australia should be stricter than they currently are. Clear descriptions for food products are not always available for the buyer, which may be because companies do not want to give details on the negatives of their product. People need to understand what they are consuming, especially people with pre-existing conditions (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes). Consumers with allergies need a clear description of what the food product may contain, as to avoid anaphylactic reactions. Companies aren’t always openly informing the consumer about their foods. They make certain claims to lure in the consumer. It doesn’t matter how focused you are, claims will find a way to gain your trust. What consumers don’t know is that these claims don’t have to be checked for validity to be marketed. It is only if questioned by authority, that these claims have to be explained. The marketing industry doesn’t want labelling to be restricted as a marketing device, as it is a key tool at the point of sale. Professional marketers get paid thousands of dollars to create labels that attract the buyer; they will always be one step ahead of the consumer. Have you ever heard the terms “Reduced Fat”, “Light” or “Low Salt”? Manufacturers use these symbols on nearly every food product sold today. They often take advantage of the benefits of their products to cover up the negatives. So, low salt often means high sugar and vice versa. Many people believe that this problem could be part of the ever growing obesity/ health crisis in Australia. Public health and safety should be of paramount concern, in relation to food labelling considerations. Obesity alone affects 3.8 million Australians at a cost of $58 billion annually¹. The Australian

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