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Understanding food label is important and is healthy because it makes us aware about the product which we are going to buy. So it is important to know how to read food label, as it helps us to maintain a healthy diet. Food labels help us to select food which will provide us accurate amount of energy and nutrients which we need for our body. Eating healthy provides our body energy and nutrients which our body needs to function and also with this we have healthy benefits also. According to “The Food Label and You” video the 5/20 rule is states that while eating any food with certain amount of vitamin or nutrients in it, you must check its food label to check the amount of vitamin or nutrients and those are according to your requirement. After checking contents which you need in the food product, you must check for the percentage of daily value of that content in the food product. If the %Daily Value (DV) for that nutrient or vitamin is 5 or less that that food product is not good source for that specific nutrient. In case if the %DV is 20 or more then it is good source of that vitamin or nutrient. As an example, if I am looking for a food rich in proteins then I would like to choose peanut butter which is rich source of protein as it contains 9.3g of proteins per %DV. There are the six key food label facts presented in the “How to Understand Nutritional Food Label” article that can help consumers understand food labels more effectively and enables to make better decisions with the eating habits. The first thing need to check on a food label is the serving size for the food product which tells you how much of the food product is equal to one serving size. It tells you how much you are eating so that you know the amount of nutrients or vitamins you are consuming for that serving. The second you need to check is the number of calories, which is the amount of energy

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