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Food Insecurity A critical component to a healthy life is nutrition. Many people are going hungry each day despite a huge surplus of food production. Food insecurity refers to the food’s availability and an individual’s access to it. A food secure home is one that lives without hunger or fear of starvation. Many people around the world today are malnourished due to the lack of a proper meal. When an individual walks in a crowded area he will see people of many different sizes and shapes. This may be due to genetic variation but most likely is due to difference in food consumption. It may seem as though the heavier weighted person is better of economically than the lighter weighted person. The less weighted person will seem less economically prosperous. In, truth, though, the case may be completely opposite. In the articles “Food Deserts and the Sociology of Space,” “Association of Household and Community Characteristics with Adult and Child Food Insecurity among Mexican-Origin Households in Colonias along the Texas-Mexico Border,” “Household food insecurity and…show more content…
In United States by the middle of the 20th century supermarkets have increased their business and small grocery store have went out of business. More supermarkets are located in wealthy neighborhoods as compared to low income neighborhoods. This system creates a shortage of food in low income areas or in other words creates food deserts. According to author Thomas food deserts are “area[s] where people do not have easy access to healthy, fresh food, particularly if they are poor and have limited mobility” (Thomas 20). People in this food desert area do not have proper transportation facility and they end up shopping at smaller grocery stores where they pay high costs for low quality products. These systems also encourage opening cheap junk food stores in food desert

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