Food Inequity Essay

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Food inequity, the unfair distribution of food among people, many groups in our local and global society is suffering because of this issue. Devolving countries, don’t just suffer from this, our home, Australia does too. In this essay I will be analysing and breaking down the statement “Food inequity is not an experience of poor countries alone. There are also people living in countries such as Australia who do not have equal access to food and nutrition” Food inequity is a very serious and extremely deadly problem which is killing millions of people daily, Some people have way too much food however some people don’t have enough Food. Without having the correct amount of fresh and nutritious food, it can be and extremely deadly, because without the correct vitamins and minerals it is impossible to survive. A great example of inequity would be the movie “The hunger games” Food inequity is explored against a fictional backdrop, where food shortages are epidemic across 12 Districts of the nation of Panem, Everybody of the 12 districts have to have hunt their own food and fight to survive while the sponsors and produces of the television show “The hunger game” get to live in luxury, and get to eat whatever they want when they want. Do you wake up hungry, and not knowing when your next meal will be? Well one in six of us, will wake up hungry and hoping they will eat that day. There are 10 groups among Australia which may experience food inequity, Aboriginals and indigenous people, people on low income or the employed, the elderly, people in rural areas, women and children, people with disabilities, people which are chronically ill, people which have dementia, homeless people and alcohol and drug uses. These groups will be discussed and analysed throughout this
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