Food Inc. Essay

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Ana Rodriguez Apodoca English 12/ period 3 18 March 2013 Final Draft Corn is in everything that we eat today and its becoming much more unhealthy for us. Obesity rates have gotten higher and homes lack home-cooked meals. The way that food processors see it as is its just for a paycheck to get people to buy food that is obviously bad for them. Advertisements have taken over the households of some teenagers and parents giving them the opportunty to give in. While parents are focused on work and hardly having time to cook dinner at homes shools should teach kids how to cook and shop for themselves. The fact that parents don't have much time to cook dinner because of work is causing them to eat out more than they should. With corn becoming easier to get, obesity rates start to raise, “Its probably no coincidence that the whole sale switch to corn sweetners in the 1980's makes the beginning of the epdemic of obesity and tpe two diabetes in this county” (Pollan 9). What Pollan is saying in this quote is that if corn sweetners continue to be distributed obesity rates will continue raising and type two diabetes wll become more common. In “When a Crop Becomes King” Pollan basically tells us that the distribution of corn sweetners is out of control and it needs to stop. If people were to make time to actually cook dinner at home they wouldn't be needing to worry about their health as much as they do now because of the distribution of sweetners. With corn in everything we eat, we allow it in our bodies even more because we choose to eat out. Parents allow their kids to eat fat food because it doesn't involve them cooking.”Surplex of corn syrup is in eveything we eat today, eating out everyday makes you at higher risk” (Documentary). Allowing so much corn into our system will cause us to become unhealthier faster by eating out everyday. Instead of allowing fast food into

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