Food Inc. Essay

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Victoria Hall 1682892 3/8/2012 LIT 4930 Reaction paper #2 Winner of Best Documentary and Outstanding Informational Programming — Long Form, Food Inc.’s main goal of the film is to inform the general public of the disturbing reality of corporate farming taking place in the current food industry here in the U.S. Nonetheless this shockumentary, or some might even consider it a propaganda film, uses a variety of ways to communicate their important message in a somewhat graphic manner that is intended to capture and take hold of the audience’s attention in order to try to push for change in a positive way. In the very first scene of the movie they have a shot of the inside of an average everyday grocery store with off screen narration in the background. As the camera is doing an aerial shot of the grocery store the off screen narrator mentions that food production companies especially companies supplying meat, use the stereotypical picturesque view of a farm with happy animals, usually cows, as a way to advertise for their product. By doing having this picturesque view of the farm consumers, I feel often see the product as a straight from the farm fresh and ready to go product. Oddly enough, once the narration ends it focuses on an image in the grocery store and it is in fact a picture perfect scene with a red barn, cows and farmers displayed directly over the meat section of the store. The next scene in this film, becomes rather disturbing when they cut to carcasses of cows hanging from conveyor belts in a slaughter house and a wide shot of hundreds probably thousands of cows, completely contradicting the picture perfect farm from the previous scene. By juxtaposing these clearly opposite images, of the fresh from the farm versus the slaughter house which is the sad reality, it shows the everyday consumers the false perception of the reality of mass

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