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Analysis Paper on Food, Inc. Food Inc by Robert Kenner(2008) was the documentary that I choose to watch for my analysis paper, its message was that we as a nation should eat organic, locally grown, home made, healthy foods. In more words Kenner was trying to persuade Americans to eat healthy and realize the personal health risks, environmental risks, and extremely harmful affects of not eating locally grown, home made foods. Kenner discussed animal abuse, modified foods, deaths from bacteria in food that’s being sold nation wide, and so mainly other topics. With so many points being throw around it was a little hard to stay focused, but getting my attention and persuading me was fairly simple because of Kenner’s’ emotional appeals though out the film. All emotional appeals were used in the documentary, Pathos was most and best used fallowed by Ethos then logos. Pathos was best used when discussing the death of Barbra Kowalcyks (Food Safety Advocate) two and a health year old son, Kevin died from ecoli in a burger bought from Jack in the Box on twelve days after he had ate it. This was also after the company knew there meat had ecoli in it, and failed to do a recall on the meat until 16 days after Kevin had died. By using Kowalcyks story about her son, I believe that Kenner wanted people to want to help her and do what they could so that things like this didn’t happen again. He was also appealing to fear by implying that if society kept eating from no organic food sources that they were at a risk of having the same fate, even more so they’re children having the same fate. Ethos was also used in the documentary, especially in the case of Joel Salatin an organic meat distributor (Polyface Farms) who looked normal, seemed to have the same everyday problems you and I do, average Joe. Director of Food Inc Robert Kenner wanted his audience to have an attachment to

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