Food in America Essay

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The subject is very simple. What is wrong with society in America today in concerns of our diet? People express the many reasons and causes as to why we eat the way we eat. One-third of Americans are obese. Now days everything is more convienent to us because it seems like there is a McDonald’s on every corner, and a Jack-n-the-Box on every exit. In the article “Kentucky Town of Manchester Illustrates National Obesity Crisis” by Will Haygood, he demonstrates an example of the reason why America is one-third obese. He takes a small town in Manchester of Kentucky and illustrates the fact and reason as why there is a high percentage of obesity in that town. He explains that there are a lot of fast food chain restaurants and not many of people in that town understand the basic knowledge of proper nutrition. Haygood goes in to more depth to Manchester’s obesity issue with a closer look at a family with a single dad who is raising two daughters. The oldest of the two, Britney, is fairly overweight, practically “borderline diabetic”. She is obese because she likes to eat, and as I said before in a small town with poor knowledge of nutrition, Britney likes to eat out because everything is very convenient to her. This is only half the problem as to why Americans are the way they are with their diet. Coming from a female’s point of view of why more than half of women in America are obese, the article “Fat is Feminist Issue” by Susie Orbach, explains the fact that society today show up and have certain images of what a lady should look like. They portray women as a huge sex object because sex sells. In that case one must have a thin body figure that is up to the media’s standards. Not taking it to a consideration that most women are self-conscious about their looks, being “thick” or “big boned” to a woman is an action that represents a rebellion towards media and society. The
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