Food for Thought Essay

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Just a Thought Michael East English 215 Research and Writing October 30, 2014 Just a Thought The discussion about genetically modified organisms (GMO) is enormous and intense. GMOs do not require any scientific testing on humans to examine the safety, but society is told that these GOMs are safe for consumptions. Other countries have various beliefs. The main drawback is the excessive use of herbicides. Often, weeds can become resistant the GMOs, and more powerful chemicals may be required. Furthermore, weeds that cannot be controlled through current measures could create a problem in the future. Major issues arise when arguing against the use of GMO crops and the potential for environmental damage and human well-being. Should the United States Government be more actively involved with reforming federal laws requiring Biotech companies to scientifically test its products and label them accordingly? Genetically Modified Food is the method by which genes segment are altered and transferred artificially from one organism to another. Genes, which are constructed of DNA, contain the order to which cells generate certain proteins; these proteins in turn form the foundation for maximum purpose of a cell. Therefore, it is central to understand what GMOs are. GMOs are well-defined organisms whose DNA has been altered in a non-natural technique. GMO plants are typically changed to be resistant to insect, virus and herbicides. “Many people continue to question its adequacy especially as we enter the era of second generation of genetically modified organisms where plants are engineered to express several desired traits and fields are sown to grow biocrops and not food.” (Gertsberg, 2009). With these alterations arise some potentially problematic environmental and health challenges. For

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