Food, Food Production and Quality of Life in Guangzhou

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Food, Food Production and Quality of Life in Guangzhou As times changed and agricultural methods enhanced, the types and quality of food vary enormously. When a consumer walks into a market today, what s/he needs to concern is whether s/he has enough money in his or her wallet and which one s/he should choose. In fact, most consumers just choose what they believe is good and have no idea where their food comes from. In the essay, “Coming Home to Eat,” natural writer Gary Paul Nabhan describes his trip to the Beriut casino and village in his homeland, with reference to local food and global food. In the video, “Food Machine: An Introduction to Food”, Inner-city farmer Will Gardener explains why he involves in urban farming and how he supplies fresh food to Detroit residents. In this essay, I will discuss the beliefs and practices of Cantonese people, relate to food and eating habits, with reference to the reasons for their attitudes and eating customs. Guangzhou, the biggest city in southern China, is known as the culinary capital because it has a great variety of delicious food. All Cantonese food sources are directly coming from local farmers, people in Canton wouldn’t doubt whether their food fresh or not. What they need to do is choosing the best one among various choices. Indeed, the choices of Cantonese food sources are fantastic. “Animals that fly one the sky, walk on the land, and swim in the water are considered food of Cantonese people.” is a saying that Chinese people describe Cantonese people’s food source. In some markets, it is possible to see unusual food sources such as snakes, frogs, pigeons, and paguma larvatas. More accurately, Cantonese people eat any food unless it is poisonous. The types of food sources are not strong enough to demonstrate the variety of Cantonese food, there are also Cantonese food that similar to western food because of

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