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English 101 May 2, 2013 Food Fixation Food is something that has always been treasured by people. Everyone loves food. Eating is necessary to life, and it also appeals to our taste buds. Food is something you have to have, and with so many options of food to have, it is easy to see how we as a nation have become somewhat…enamored with food. Seriously, America is one of the most food fixated countries in the world. We have a lot of it, it is relatively cheap, and we love the taste; but, how far is too far when it comes to food? It seems that any dinnertime dialogue that contains the phrase “pass the salt” will have to be replaced by something a little bit more fitting for this generation, “pass the camera”. There is no denying that our nation overall has become “food fixated”, yet the immediate cause is still unclear. I believe that the three main precursors to a fixation nation are appearance, nostalgia, and taste. The phrase “you are what you eat” takes on a whole new meaning when people can actually see what you are and have been eating. If you want to appear to be enjoying your life a bit more, you post a happy looking dish, if you want to be fancy, post something fancy looking! The list goes on, to infinity and beyond. Another contributing factor the growing fixation on food is an excess of the food in question. I believe that we are fortunate to have food. We are so fortunate to always have food, and thus food has become the norm. It has been with us since we can remember. Most good memories associated with people are linked to food somehow, and before we know it; just eating food isn’t enough; no we have to get a little bit more into it. We begin to integrate food into our lives to relive the feelings of nostalgia. What is an awesome way to integrate food into your life, while still being able to date other humans? The most common way is by taking pictures

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