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Procedure We will be using different food dyes, given in the lab materials as well as foods like M&ms and koolaid. First fill 50-ml of room temperature water in a the 50-ml beaker and as a pinch of salt. Stir until completely dissolved. Then take two sheets of filter paper and draw a horizontal line with a pencil across the filter about 1 cm from the bottom. Then draw nine small cross lines along the line you just made 1.5 cm apart. Then label the markings with each color that you will be testing. Then on the same sheet from right to left label the koolaid drinks. On sheet number two mark R,Y,G and B and then from right to left the m&ms. Then add a few drops of each dye in the 24-well plate and with a toothpick mark each on the sections on…show more content…
Why can’t a pen be used to draw the baseline of the chromatography paper? You can not use pen because the ink will bleed, which will then make me have different results. B. Why is it important to stop the chromatograph before the solvent reaches the top of the paper? It is important to stop the chromatography before the solvent reaches the top because I would miss the measuring points and the colors would keep moving. C. Why is it important to keep the dye spots above the solvent level? Because if the dye spots would be below the solvent level the dye spots would just wash off. D. Why is it important to mark the solvent level on the chromatography paper when you remove it from the petri dish? So you would be able to measure how far it travels after you are done with the experiment. Conclusions In this lab we were able to find what colors go into different foods that we eat or drink like M&ms and Kool-aid. Also we were able to find the Rf values of each of the colors. This lab was simple yet had to pay a lot of attention to make sure that the colors wont bleed together or that the solvent doesn’t go above 2 cm of the cylinder when put into the dish. Also it is very important to mark with a pencil instead of a pen because the pen will bleed and mess up the

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