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Food Cultures Essay

  • Submitted by: candy7
  • on April 22, 2012
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John Purcell
English 101
21 February 2011
Food Cultural Comparisons of French and Americans on their Eating Behaviors in “The Meaning of Food in our Lives: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Eating and Well-Being”
Food is a necessary part of life and how we react to it can be dissimilar in different cultures. The French in comparison to Americans view eating as an enjoyable life experience, in a more healthy way than Americans. This is the conclusion that Dr. Paul Rozin (2005) makes in his article, “The Meaning of Food in Our Lives: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Eating and Well-Being”.   Dr. Rozin (2005) in his article states that the French have a view of food as pleasurable while Americans feel stressful and guilty about food choices. Rozin states in his article,” The French seem to be healthy, seem to enjoy foods more than American, and surely have good rich food” (p.S109).   I agree with most of the data and conclusions Dr. Rozin makes between the French and American behavioral eating styles; however, from my personal experience, many Americans do not fit his generalization because we are a country made up different cultures as I will explore with my own interactions with people in my personal life experience.
It is true that from our ancestral time man has come a long way in which we acquire food. Man for a much longer time in history had to spend a great amount of energy to secure food and less historical time adapting now to a very adequate and highly assessable, varied food supply. Dr. Rozin states, “In contrast to the ancestral environment, in the contemporary developed world,(1) there is now a surplus of food; (2) food is easily accessible, and it does not require significant energy expenditure to secure it;(3) there is an enormous variety of foods                                                                                                                                                                 (which promotes greater   intake); and (4)...

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