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Food Culture Assessment Essay

  • Submitted by: Vyvi
  • on September 6, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Perhaps United States of America is the homogenous country. Foreigners from other countries have been bringing diversity of cultures and foods to America. Freedom, individualism, liberalism and nuclear family orientation make U.S distinguished to other countries in the world. The New World is the most attractive place for immigrant to stay due to economy, social, beneficial living as well as government. Some people may call it “The American Way of Life”. Going to a deeper aspect of American country, I gain knowledge of American culture group, health belief, food habit, meal pattern, nutrition issues as well U.S economy now.
In the United States, restaurant have been central to structural social phenomenon because they play a role in homogenoues culture in the world. Service in U.S restaurant is well-known for their contribution toward its restaurant. The work line between back and front is so important in which foods are brought to you for your enjoy and taste. Cooperation is the key in restaurant service. Each chef is an integral element in producing a satisfactory meal for customer. Nobody can be captain in cooking. One person is responsible for cooking, another is in charge of chopping and the other is in charge of the rest. When I first came to the United States, I never thought waiter and waitress would help customers to clean up every time finishing a dish. In addition, each dish never comes in order as I usually see in many Asian restaurants. Time of delivery is the significant aspects among front, back line and customers.   Moreover, tipping is a custom of the United States. However, an idea of tipping did not appear in my country until tourist present and Vietnam is a friend of Western countries. In fact, to Vietnamese people, waiter and waitress are not supposed to receive tips because service is part of hospitality industries. In the U.S, tipping is a way of thanking for good service. Tipping is contributed to marketing industries. Under some...

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