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Food Culture Essay

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  • on April 2, 2011
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Friguglietti.J (2005). Return from the Land of Oz, or Australia for Beginners, Australian Institute of Policy and Science, Australian Quarterly, vol. 77, No.3(May – Jun. 2005) pp.17-20. The issue of this article is whether Australia is the same with America.

To start with, James (2005) describes lots of things are much similar to United States at first glance, such as films, living in a hotel or an apartment that Americans never left home, sports, and currency. Moreover, to support each idea, James (2005) presents some examples. The first one is for films, recently, movies like “Man on Fire” and so on that showed in Australia theaters opened just a few months ago in US. The second one is for hotel or apartment, the TV shows like “The Nightly Business Report” and so on abstract lots of audiences who could watch TV the whole day. The third one is for sports, Australia sports are crazed as Americans, maybe more crazed. During the Olympic Games, the number of its athletes is over 400. Also, James (2005) shows that ball games are more and more popular in Australia high school. The forth one is for currency, to follow the American, Australia change its system of currency and metric system in 1966. In addition, James (2005) relates to World War Two, Australia was saved by America. From then on, Australia started to be influent by America. After that, the issue of war still goes up as much passion in Australia as it has in America, Howard describes that the Australia government is more similar to the war on terrorism of America.

Also, James (2005) illustrates some similarities to England, such as politics, the political leader and so on, James (2005) relates to history that Australia is a colony of Great Britain and influent by Great Britain. Firstly, Australia keeps British parliamentary system, however, Australians republic and replace the politics to vote president. Secondly, following the British model, the political leader is Prime Minister, following the...

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