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Food Companies in the United States are the new dictators of America. it is implausible, but they are taking over the government and yet we consumer have yet realize. The Companies are hiding the information about their products and keeping the government and media quiet. The power should belong to the consumer since we are the one who purchase the products and the demand in the economy, there Food Companies should not have to decide what information to give about to their consumers. It is the consumers right to know what is in their food and how it is grown. We are the ones eating the product. Americans are the number one consumers in the world, yet we don't know what is in our diet. Companies usually add high fat, salt, MSG, or calories to their product yet no labeling it and saying its healthy. There was a incident where McDonalds had pork grease in their fries without telling the public. After finding out, the public was furious especially Muslims which are not allow to have pork. Government officials who were former food companies associates told the public that "it creates a unnecessary fear in the consumer's mind." That is the most inane statements. If a product creates fear to the public, shouldn't they stop producing it? They put money before the lives of many. The companies are should realize that they can't keep such a huge secret forever. There has to be a law that tells companies to label all their nutrition information , warning signs, and items used to produce it. With a warning sign such as in alcohol, appliances, games, and etc. the public will have a better understanding of the effects of the product. It would unravel the curtain and show the horrors behind every merchandise. Consumers will make a second thought on buying the product. We the consumers , have the power to force companies to produce different products that will be more

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