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Food Choice Essay

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  • on January 27, 2011
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Victoria Finniessee
Chapter 2
  1. What factors will be influencing Jeff as he attends college?   The fact that he’s native American and has only lived on a reservation
  2. List the subjective information that can be obtained from Jeff and his mother about his eating habits.   So far he seems to eat vegetables and fish however no fruits, or dairy products.
  3. What can you caution Jeff regarding his introduction into the college world of malnutrition?   Watch out for fast foods
  4. How significant are these problems?   Fast foods can fill you up quickly & doesn’t last also maybe high in fat & salt.
  5. Write a nursing diagnosis for Jeff.   Jeff is Native American with a diet of vegetables & fish no intake of fruits and dairy products.
  6. What changes will Jeff expect to see if he decides to eat less healthy?   Possibly weight gain, more fatigue.
  7. What situations will be most stressful to Jeff?   He may feel out of place sense of not belonging his culture maybe different.
  8. List some strategies Jeff can use to help keep himself healthy.   He can utilize the pyramid
  9. What substitutes would Jeff be able to make to be able to fit in with the crowd and still be eating well?   He could add some grains & possibly some of the dairy products.
  10. What would you caution Jeff about in regard to stressful situations?   Try not to eat when he’s stressed it could lead to overeating
  11. How will Jeff be able to determine his success for healthy eating?   He could have a diary of the food he eats.
  12. How well will Jeff be able to associate body changes with poor food choices?   He may see weight gain or loss, he may be more fatigued.
  13. Who else will benefit from Jeff’s food choices?   His fellow class mates possibly
  14. What information on the Internet could benefit Jeff?   He would be able to study other cultures of food and possibly would like to try some of their foods that are healthy as well

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