Food and Beverage Service Essay

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Introduction In a hospitality practice, a manager must understand the logic and complex systems involved with managing their operations. A reflective manager must be able to analyse their own operations. The following essay will discuss and analyse how some key factors have impacted on the operations of Graduates Restaurant during Service Points. Ongoing records were kept after each service point and these will be used to help discuss the operations. Certain ‘moments of truth’ occurred during the service points and these will be also be discussed and analysed in relation to each service point. DISCUSS AND ANALYSE HOW KEY FACTORS IMPACT ON THE OPERATION OF GRADUATES RESTURANT PART A If you want to excel in service, then you have to become an expert about customers. Customers need a reason to return to a restaurant. Quality food and fresh produce have been rated as one of the most important reasons why customers return to a restaurant. Sometimes the best way to evaluate quality of food for a customer is the design of the menu, because the effectiveness of the menu is a selling tool for the restaurant sector. (Soriano, D 2002). During service point planning sessions, the menu design was something that became quite debatable. ‘Simple but elegant’ was the theme that our group thought was ideal for one of our customers first impressions. Quality of service is something that 1A concentrated on to make sure that this was always at its best. It was not about the ability to carrying three plates for our class; it was about making the customer feel comfortable and recognized. Greeting the customers at the door and placing napkins on their laps was something that our group really tried to concentrate on. This was the customer’s first impression of us and the trademark of our quality of service. Although value for meals did not apply in our service points as the

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