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It’s already 11 pm and I still haven’t finished my reflective journal essay. This week has been a hectic week. Can’t say it’s my worst week ever. I have had much more badly than this week. Can’t complain much. Someone always tells me not to complain all the time.*sigh I am so tired I could sleep for a year. I will have to burn the midnight oil to finish this assignment. Can I sleep? I am so sleepy already. *sigh I’m glad that tomorrow is Saturday. It’s my day off and I can rest all day. *Kriukk krook Eh! What’s that sound? Where is it coming from? Oh! Silly me. It is my tummy. Aw man. I'm hungry. Please tummy, not now. Don’t do this to me. Ishkebab. This is what I hate when I stay up late at night. I’ll get hungry and start craving for all kinds of food. This always happens. I will start to imagine myself in a big room filled with scrumptious food and it is all mine. ALL MINE. It’s an all you can eat buffet. Such guilty pleasure yet so yummy. I would really love to have some IKEA meatballs with fries on the side right now. *kruukk Yes, tummy. I know you will love that. Oh, macaroni and cheese, mashed potato, beef lasagne with lots and lots of cheese on top. I really wish I could have those. This is really not helping. I’m much hungrier than before. Ishkebab. That’s it. When I get back to Penang, I’m so going to go for food hunting with my family. First thing for sure I’ll start by having ‘roti canai’ with lots of beef gravy then Nasi Kandar. Some people might think that I am crazy having Nasi Kandar for breakfast. For lunch, I would have ‘pasembor’ then mee goreng sotong and for desert I’m gonna have ‘chendol’. Oh so yummy. Now, dinner is hard. I can’t decide if I should eat ‘mee udang’ or ‘ikan bakar’. I certainly can’t have both. I’ll explode. Just great. Now I’m craving for some chocolate mousse royale ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Some chocolate chip

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