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The Impact of the Internet on Communication I once heard a quote that read, “A clean room is a sign of a broken computer.” As a college student, I can definitely see the truth in this. During the week, when I am not going to class or working, the majority of my time is spent on the computer whether than means doing homework, or just passing time. You can ask any college student--the Internet has become an almost vital part of our society. What is the biggest impact of the Internet? The Internet has had a huge impact on communication in our world today. The Internet has influenced social communication, communication in education, and communication in safety. First and foremost, the Internet has influenced social communication. I check my email multiple times a day. To me, it is the primary method for contacting teachers and staying in touch with old friends and family. There are also messenger services available for speedy communication. These messenger services are often popular with young teens, but it is becoming more and more popular in some businesses. Social networking services are probably the best example of how the internet has influenced social communication. Social networking sites such as facebook, myspace, reunion, and twitter are ways in which people can keep in touch through the Internet. These are used to keep in touch with both old and new friends, post pictures, and even communicate on class projects. According to an article on the Web Strategy website, it is stated that facebook currently has over 60 million active users as of January 9th, 2008. Without the Internet, these communications would not be possible. The Internet has also played a huge role in communication with education. As mentioned before, I often use my email to contact professors when I have questions. It seems as if email is the primary form of communication between students

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