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Did you know that one third of tax payers’ money was used for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program also known as SNAP formally known as food stamps. In 2009 they gave $4.6 billion in food stamps to over 43 million people. More than 14% of these people are not even eligible to participate in this program but find ways to anyway. I believe that families that do not deserve this service should not get and the families that do deserve it are getting too much. people can sell their food stamps to buy drugs. This can cause people to die. Also it can cause the kids to go Hungary because the parents sold all the food stamps. I believe no kid should go hungry. 23% of people who receive food stamps trade it off to buy drugs. Almost 40,000 people die from drugs Every year this is starting to make people use more because now they have money to buy with. From the beginning of 2011 $702.70 billion dollars have already been spent on welfare people. From the years 2006-2011 3,810 billion dollars have been giving to welfare. According to ( In oklahoma 2.1 billion dollars has already been spent on welfare in just this year. Welfare programs are state regulated programs for those who live under the minimum acceptance level as determined by each state government. Welfare benefits can fall under multiple program categories , all of which require certain elements of eligibility to acquire and maintain payments. These programs are cash assistance (TANF), the child support program, child care, energy or utility assistance, food assistance, medical assistance, and vocational rehabilitation Services. Welfare program was designed to give a boost to the poor and to needy families to help them make it through the year while they got back on their feet. Unfortunately, it has now become a way of life for many. Many argue that welfare is now destroying our culture

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