Fond Memories Essay

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It was a maddening rush, that crisp fall morning, but we were finally ready to go. I was supposed to be at Western State College at 10:00 for the tour, and it was already eight. My parents hurriedly loaded their luggage into the van as I rushed around the house gathering last minute necessities. I dashed downstairs to my room and gathered my coat and my duffel bag, and glanced at my dresser making sure I was leaving nothing behind and all the rush seemed to disappear. I stood there as if in a trance just remembering all the stories behind the objects and clutter accumulated on it. I began to think back to all the good times I have had with my family and friends each moment represented by a different and somewhat odd object. The palm leaf that stands on the back of my dresser leans tattered against the wall. I got the leaf about seven years ago in Mesquite, Nevada. I began to reminisce about the family trip that brought us closer together, even if only for the four days we were there. We excitedly gathered our bags and followed Mom and Dad into the hotel. As we w... ... middle of paper ... ...stack as high as a four-story building. Needless to say, we were never allowed on the haystack after that. To me it was more than just an old dresser. It held many of our family's best times and fondest memories. I realized that I would soon have to leave my family and move on, but the mementos I had collected would remind me of them each and every day. I was jolted out of my blissful trance as the loud honk of the van horn made me snap back to reality. I quickly threw on my coat and grabbed up my bag, giving one last glance at my

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