Following Her Footsteps Essay

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“FOLLOWING HER FOOTSTEPS” Outstanding teachers possess a variety of wide-ranging skills in essential areas of education. They exhibit professionalism, flexibility, content mastery, availability, concern, and respect in order to ensure effectiveness in teaching. These attributes are essential to student achievement, and outstanding teachers constantly work to develop and improve these skills throughout their career. That’s the popular definition of being an outstanding teacher but for me an outstanding teacher is the one who interact with me most of the time, who is always there to guide me, who understand my problems and most importantly the one who convince me to my satisfaction. Who is SHE? SHE is my MOTHER. I believe and I will forever believe that she is my outstanding teacher. Whenever I am being asked about this question, I cannot think of anyone else than my dearest Mom to pay my sincere tributes. I have had a lot of teachers in my life, some of them have been good, others have been really good, but the only one, who has been excellent and outstanding, is my mom. In my view, a mother is the best teacher you could ever find. Every day I learn something from her and what I really like is that I see her as an example. An example in almost everything she does, especially when she shows her honesty, generosity and hard work. My mom’s honesty is reflected in all her actions and she always taught my sister and I how we should act in this matter. We all have been in different ethical situations in which we could lie or cheat somebody, but she always says that honesty is what will always characterize us. “There is no second chance for a first impression”, are the words she reminds on us every day. I believe that "Mother knows best!" And this saying has a relative significance to my life and the things I have learned from my own mother. Does she know everything?

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