Foils In The Crucible

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5. The plot of The Crucible consists of many battles between many opposites. In an essay, identify one such opposite and explain why Arthur Miller included it. When reading and watching The Crucible, feelings of deep abomination developed towards one single character. The character that was selfish enough to take people’s lives for her desires; the character that ruined that “perfect little ending” not only for others, but for herself as well. On the other hand, feelings of awe developed when coming across the innocent individual that exhorted many admirable virtues. The great foil that was unfolded between these two characters was evidently shown through actions, speech, and background details and helped to distinctively separate the two contrasting feelings that were developed towards both characters. The Crucible is filled with an ongoing battle between the forces of good and evil and how they pertain to two very drastically different characters, Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams. In the analysis of characters and how they complement one another, Elizabeth Proctor happened to be the innocent little farmer’s wife.. She was on an emotional roller coaster throughout the entire play because she was still in the process of healing. She questioned her husband, John, quite…show more content…
The tension between these two characters made for a livelier and juicier play. Abigail's sole purpose was to rid Salem of Elizabeth. Elizabeth's purpose, on the other hand, was to keep Abigail away from her dear husband and make it out alive. Selfish desires drove Abigail's missions. Morally good desires drove Elizabeth. Even the emotions felt towards these women are not even related. No matter what aspect or situation is analyzed, the motives and actions of these two distinct characters are
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