Fog-Of-Censorship Essay

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THE FOG OF CENSORSHIP MEDIA CONTROL IN CHINA A H U M A N R I G H T S I N C H I N A P U B L I C AT I O N HE QINGLIAN The Fog of Censorship OTHER PUBLICATIONS BY HUMAN RIGHTS IN CHINA Empty Promises: Human Rights Protections and China’s Criminal Procedure Law (2001) China: Minority Exclusion, Marginalization and Rising Tensions (2007) State Secrets: China’s Legal Labyrinth (2007) Challenging China: Struggle and Hope in an Era of Change (2007) THE FOG OF CENSORSHIP MEDIA CONTROL IN CHINA He Qinglian     Human Rights in China |  ,     Copyright © 2008 by Human Rights in China He, Qinglian. The Fog of Censorship: Media control in China ISBN 13 978-0-9717356-2-0, ISBN 0-9717356-2-X Library of Congress Control Number: 2007926101 This book is the translation of an expanded and updated version of Media Control in China (Zhongguo zhengfu ruhe kongzhi meiti), published in Chinese by Human Rights in China in 2004. The expanded and updated Chinese edition was published in Taiwan by Li Ming Cultural Enterprises in 2006 as Wusuo Zhongguo: Zhongguo dalu kongzhi meiti celue da jiemi. Portions of this translation were previously published in earlier versions in China Rights Forum, the quarterly journal of Human Rights in China.               Printed in the United States by Human Rights in China, New York Contents    ix xi Shattering the Myths about China’s Media Market   xiii Media Control and Public Ignorance Media control in China before 1978 Media control since “reform and opening-up” in 1978 The myth of China’s “media reform” in 2003   1 Government Control of the Chinese Media The law versus the constitution The Chinese government’s tracking and management of the media “Unified
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