Focus On Retention

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The study that I am choosing to critique is an article titled Focus on Retention: Identifying Barriers to Nurse Faculty Satisfaction by Bittner & O'Connor (2012). This study was developed to determine barriers to nurse faculty job satisfication. Literature has found that there have been many studies on job satisfaction of practiciing nurses but very few on nurse faculty job satisfication.

The data for this study was collected through a descriptive, quantitative study which utilized a survey design. The questions that were designed for the survey was developed based on a pilot that was done in 2007 and 2009 as well as questions from a survey used by the National League of Nursing (NLN). The survey was validated for face validity by four
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Of these results 97% were female, 92% indicated they were not minority, the mean age was 53 and they have been teaching for a mean of 14 years. 65% of the respondents believed that their workloads were bigger than they had expected when starting the job; 58% thought that the nursing shortage affected their workloads and 63% thought that technology increased their workloads. 87% of the participants reported overall job satisfaction with their job but if they were to leave it would be due to a job with improved compensation, retirement, improved flexibilityin work-life balance or career advancement. A graph was designed to show the report of impact of barriers on job satisfaction by indicating a percentage of either significant or moderate impact. The highest rated barriers were sense of accomplishment, autonomy in role, support for professional growth, relationship with colleagues, and atmosphere of academic…show more content…
I recently worked in an Intensive Care Unit and aggressive patient were always a potential problem sometimes from alcohol withdrawals or other times from an acute medical condition. I wish there were more studies on the use of chemical restraints as far as when they are deemed appropriate and how often they are used incorrectly. I used to get frustrated when I would see a patient snowed when I came on to shift and I wondered if it was because that nurse just didn't want to deal with the time consuming behavior and problems that patient would cause or if the medication given was for justified reasons as the patient was that out of
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