Focus Group Reflection

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Focus Group Reflection Paper Vera Breaux Focus Group Reflection Paper A focus group is a delegated assembles of people, from a previous selected people, that are gathered and question together to provide detail information on specific topics. Focus groups are a valuable technique of procurement qualitative information about a how another individual handle situations in a designated area of study. This scheme of investigating inquiry allows a moderator to acquire sentiments, philosophies, principals, and attitudes on specific topics. As the moderator, I asked those questions that were outlined by Team B and myself. I had to maintain a professional behavior as well as one who was friendly and receptive to what was discussed. At no time was I to be bias in any form. The main objection was to explore the benefits in, which both mentors would share that could be constructive to any effective coach or mentor. Characteristics of an Effect Coach or Mentor According to Rita and Stephan an effective coach should be an active listener because everyone he or she would share information with was important. Active listening skills are identified as to focus completely on what an individual is saying and is not saying, and to convey the desires of the person through his or her own self-expression (ICF, 2014). Establishing a rapport brings forth respect, and trustworthiness. Acknowledging everyone has strengths and weaknesses, which needs to be improved. Having a love for people is a necessity for an effective coach. In any field there are many types of people as well as culture diversity, in which one must adhere to. Another element an effective coach or mentor one should have an eye for observing because every individual does not reveal if he or she is having any problems concerning what is being taught. An effective displays laughter, smiles, and seriousness about
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